Testimonials from our students are proofs of our excellence in delivering quality tuition:
Zhi Wei, Evergreen Secondary School (2018)

[Pure Chem B3, Pure Physics B4]

Before joining the tuition, my grades are quite bad. The tutor is very attentive and shows enthusiasm when answering our questions. The tutor makes it compulsory for every student to answer at least 1 question when going through revision papers, enforces us to think and learn critically. My grades improved by quite a lot after attending the lessons.

Ethan, Bukit Panjang Government High School (2018)

[Pure Chem A1, Pure Physics A1]

I joined the tuition in the beginning of Secondary 4. During that period, I found myself lacking in the area of science especially in chemistry. From a recommendation of a friend, I joined the class. After attending multiple lessons, it proved especially useful in raising my knowledge and interest in the subject. I joined the physics lessons subsequently. Gradually, my improvement became evident from my grades and slowly rose from a fail to a pass. The tutor was patient and did not hesitate to rope out extra hours after lessons to ensure I could catch up as well as to clarify any doubts that I still held on the various topics. He was passionate and enthusiastic during lessons. I was ecstatic to learn that I scored A1 in both my Sciences in the O Level and had come so far and improved so much. THANK YOU MR JOEY

Qi Heng, Bukit Panjang Government High School (2018)

[Pure Physics A2]

I attended tuition wanting to improve my grades. My tutor was friendly and kind, offering me extra help even outside of class. I can always approach my tutor whenever in doubt, and this helps me progress better in my studies. My grades have improved from B4 to A2 through attending this tuition.

Celine, Deyi Secondary School (2018)

[Pure Chem A2, Pure Physics B3]

Before attending the tuition, my chemistry was stagnant at C6 or C5 and was failing Physics. I did not have high hopes for Physics, but I pinned my hopes on my chemistry as I wanted to get an A. The tuition class was very engaging, with friendly classmates and tutor. The tutor was also very patient and explained the different concepts in detail, ensuring that his students understand each topic in depth. He was more than happy to help me when I bring school work or outside work to clarify my questions, and when in doubt of a certain topic, he would print extra notes for me and go through it 1-1 after class. After having going through the tuition classes, I am definitely much more confident in securing a better grade for both my sciences and indeed my results jumped by at least 3 grades.

Pei Yu, Woodlands Ring Secondary School (2018)

[Pure Chem B3, Pure Physics B3]

Before joining the tuition, I felt that my grades were not very good as compared to my other classmates and wanted to improve them. I like how the lessons were conducted. Tuition was fun and engaging. It allowed me to learn and have fun at the same time. It was also very casual, and I was not scared to answer questions. The tutor is also very engaging because he always cracks jokes in class (although some are very lame HAHA). The tuition had helped me to improve my studies and the tutor provides me with information about polytehnic courses and how the information we learnt relates to the courses. Although my grades are not as good as I expected, but I have made an improvement over the two years. I did my best and I am happy with my grades.

Zhi Xin, Evergreen Secondary School (2017)
My grades were terrible before tuition – F9, and I felt like giving up on my science. The class was enjoyable and interesting as the tutor tells us about his past interesting life example: School and army life! Tutor would always help out anytime during class or through WhatsApp! Give out important notes for us to have an easier time to study and revise for exam and test 💯 5🌟. The tutor has helped to improve my science a lot from F9 to A2 and the life story in class help me to prepare for any other challenges ahead in my life. MUCH improvement has been achieved, thanks to guidance during class and any urgent help through WhatsApp 👍

Yusri, Yishun Town Secondary School (2017)
My science physics / chemistry grades before I go to tuition was a big mess. I was failing so bad. I felt there is still hope. I like the fact that the tuition is spacious and not very packed. The class was very entertaining and exciting to say the least. The tutors were amazing as they give practices to me which for sure helped me understand the subjects a WHOLE lot more. This lead to my improvements. They also checked to see if the students understand the topic or not which a big plus to me is. They helped me mostly in my grades but also cheers me up when I’m having negative emotions. My grades after tuition was amazing. Improvements as usual.
Zi Weng, Woodlands Ring Secondary School (2017)
Before I(zi weng) even join the tuition, my science grade was either a pass or a fail. However when I join the tuition center, my grade improve greatly improve. Firstly, the reason I was able to improve was because of teacher joey who is friendly, willing to teach us and gave us extra lesson even after class. Secondly, it is because of the tuition mates that were with me, which motivate to work harder. Finally I was able to score a good grade for my science. (b3).I could have score A2 if my practical did not mess up….😂✌

Yan Kang, Woodlands Ring Secondary School (2017)

I feel my grades are not very decent and was not getting what the school teacher was teaching and had trouble with my work. I like about the class as it is very engaging and fun, the tutor is very informative and always provides useful and extra information to the class. The tutor helped me with questions I am in doubt and spend time making me sure that I am clear and understood fully the concept being asked. I feel that I have done my best for physics but I neglected on chemistry but I applied what was being taught during tuition during my exam

Shaun Li, Holy Innocent Secondary School (2017)
Before tuition, I felt that my grades could not be saved as I wasn’t able to grasp anything during lessons as everything to me at that point of time felt foreign and I was on the verge of giving up. I really like the fact that it’s a small class so the tutor can easily manage the class and answer all of the students’ queries. Secondly , I like the fact that the tutor is very updated on the new systems and syllabus that MOE follows so he will know what are the right things to educate the students on and what the students should avoid penning down when answering a question. Thirdly, I like the fact that the tutor will give free tuition nearing examination as he understands the need for us to improve and constantly reminds us to ask him if there are any questions that we are unsure of and he will also extend the tuition for at least 1/2 an hour more or so without additional charge so that he can make sure that the students are equipped with the right knowledge before ending every lesson .Not only that, he also takes the initiative to message his students to inform them that they can send him question through text message so that their queries can be answered immediately. I feel like the tuition has helped me tremendously as I did better than expected in my o levels and this is evident as for my grades for emaths & combined science , it jumped 4 grades & 3 grades higher, respectively and this couldn’t have been possible without the help of the tutor. In addition, the thick stacks of worksheets that the tutor gave also contributed to the improvement as I familiarized myself w/ the concepts as I did more practice and he never fails to give his students other school’s exam papers for them to try out. The class was also very proactive when it comes to asking questions during the lessons and this helped me to clear some of my doubts along the way and thus, allowed me to have lesser unknowns in my mind. I feel that my grades will definitely have been better if I had played more attention in class but overall, the tuition classes had really made my grades improved a lot even when I thought there was no hope left.

Darren, Catholic High School (2017)
I was falling behind in school as I struggled to grasp many Science concepts. Even though I desired to improve my grades, I felt powerless as I did not know how to approach the uphill task of playing catchup. The class was helpful in improving my overall understanding of Physics and Chemistry. My tutor, Joey, had done his best in clearing up my misconceptions and building up a strong foundation. ‘Practice makes perfect’ was what my tutor preached. He made sure there was an abundance of practice to drill the concepts into our heads so that we would achieve mastery over them. He was approachable as well by being open to questions posted on WhatsApp so that our doubts could be cleared. My grades definitely saw an improvement after tuition.
Li Ling, Catholic JC (2016)
The lessons conducted by Mr. Joey were very engaging and insightful and it helped me to clear my doubts significantly. Through the lessons, I learnt problem solving skills to answer certain commonly asked questions that my school had not taught. It was a relaxed environment to study in and Mr. Joey is very knowledgable and skilled in his field which is chemistry. The material prepared is very useful and helpful for revisions. The pace of lessons were appropriate in order to ensure that we can keep up and understand what is going on.
Chee Wei, St Andrew's JC (2016)
Joey’s lessons was very intriguing as he took the extra mile to cover relevant concepts that were outside the syllabus to help us understand concepts that were in the syllabus. He provided ample amounts of worksheets and past year papers for us to practice and went through qustions worth exploring. Joey also readily answers questions on WhatsApp, tending to our doubts quickly. To summarise, Joey is a caring and efficient tutor.
Marcus Lee, Zhonghua Sec (2015)
I think the lessons are extremely engaging and as a student, I could always clarify my doubts with much ease. I have always been mediocre in my Chemistry and A Maths to the point that I was failing really badly. However, I managed to get a better understanding of the many initially complicated concepts and was able to apply it successfully. Fortunately, I was able to get A1s for both of them and I have to thank my tuition teacher – Mr. Joey Chue for this. This tuition centre has a very conducive environment for students to study. Notes, worksheets and even exam papers are given to us generously so that it could aid us in our learning. I personally would encourage anyone to try out this tuition centre because it worked for me and I believe it would for you!
Kevin Lee, Beatty Sec (2015)
The lessons given by the tutor, Joey was very helpful and beneficial. He taught me Pure Chemistry in secondary 4. His lessons always keep my brain thinking continuously as he would keep asking questions along the way or give us small test after every topic. As he gave us a lot of practices and homework, I have easily remembered all the important formulas, definitions and key points of the chemistry topics. I don’t really have to refer back to the textbook or notes anymore. The environment of the tuition centre is a good place for learning as its cooling and it’s a small class, so I can have my questions answered really quick. The tutor, Joey has a lot of knowledge on chemistry, most of the questions we asked are usually answered quickly by him. The tuition centre also provides almost all the necessary materials for learning and studying, even if you forgot to bring your stationeries or papers, he would always have extra. He would also provide us with a lot of different practice papers from different schools and years, some even from 10 years ago. His lessons are usually very clear and we can understand them very easily and quickly. I used to get C6 or lower for my chemistry in secondary 3, luckily after attending his lessons, I slowly improved to a C5 or B4 and finally a A2 for my ‘O’ Levels!
Akmad, Yishun Town Sec (2015)
I find the lessons useful in helping me understand certain concepts. A variety of questions are used to highlight certain concepts needed to satisfy the requirements of the questions. The classroom is small so lessons can be carried out efficiently. The tutor makes sure that all the information is accurate for the students. A lot of exam papers are given to further enhance the student’s knowledge of the type of questions which can be tested. The lessons are delivered well and I understood the lessons comprehensively.
Ren Yi, Admiralty Sec (2015)
I find the lessons interesting, helpful ,and it improves my understanding and interest of the subject. The class is held in a conducive environment for learning. Tutor has an extensive knowledge of the subject and provides sufficient material.
Chin Xian, Yishun Town Sec / Yishun JC (2012)
Joey was my tutor for Combined Science in Sec 4 and H2 Chemistry in JC1 and JC2. He is an extremely meticulous person that never fails to include all the tips and tricks that greatly aids in the learning of his students. As his student, I noticed a sharp increase in my science grades. Any new students under him would be blessed with a capable mentor.
Ming Jun, Anderson JC (2012)
The experienced tutor helped me to internalize my concepts more effectively by teaching me how different chapters could link and integrate together. It made learning chemistry an enriching and enjoyable experience. 🙂
Clinton, Anglo Chinese JC (2011)
Joey is a patient teacher and is committed in teaching. Throughout my 1 ½ years with him, he was always able to explain complex theories in a clear and simple manner. In times where I failed to understand certain topics, he would deploy different methods in explaining to clarify my doubts no matter how long it took, making sure I truly grasp the concept well before moving on. He would also show me steps to tackle specific questions that are not taught in school. Not only that, Joey goes the extra mile in sharing information outside of the syllabus to promote further understanding. Even in his own private time, he encourages me to consult him about any questions I have over the phone. With such dedication and clear teaching methods, Joey undoubtedly make me look forward to the next lesson and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of his help and guidance.
Eugene, Anderson JC (2011)
The lessons was two way because the student-teacher ratio was small and it was easy to ask questions. The teacher was very responsive to any questions I had so I didn’t feel obliged in any way. The teacher made the effort to provide many resources that were not confined to just preliminary papers but info from poly. Through the lessons with Joey, and with more questions asked and clarified, my confidence in the subject grew. On top of that, the small class enabled me to ask my questions freely and the answers provided were detailed and Joey made similar concepts tie together which helps as it saves time during revision.
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