General Enquiries
  • How does Centrale Mentoring work?
  • What can I get help with?
  • Are the tuition classes able to help my child?
Centrale Mentoring provides tuition in small classroom setting for Primary 3 to Primary 6, Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 and 5, Junior College 1 to Junior College 2 and Polytechnic. As this is a group tuition setup, the class schedules are fixed unless there is public holiday on the day of the class (there will be make-up if that happens). Our tutors are carefully handpicked to conduct classes in accordance to the latest MOE syllabus. 
 We provide tuition advice for you and would try our best to work up a plausible tuition plan for your children even if the subject is not listed in our list of subjects offered.We also can provide you with private tutors recommendations (the rates will be based on prevailing market rates for private tuition). 
As our classes are conducted in a small classroom settings with qualified tutors, your child will be able to get the most out of the classes. Should we find your child need more help in tuition, we would also recommend enrichment/intensive classes for your child to attend.Periodic assessments are also conducted prior to major examinations so as to allow the tutors to assess your child’s progress and provide the necessary mentoring. 
Signing Up
  • How do I sign up?
  • Is there any hidden cost?
The prices stated are typically for 4 sessions of mentoring (1½ hours per session) and is inclusive of materials fee. Please contact us for more information.